I'm a Fuji Girl !

I'm so excited and absolutely honoured to have been been invited to join FujiFilm's X Photographers team!  This is an international team of highly skilled photographers whose role is to provide feedback directly to FujiFilm on the X series.   I knew instinctively when I first picked up the Fuji XE1 that I wanted to dump all my heavy pro Nikon SLR gear.   I've always considered myself to be spontaneous but the heaviness was getting in the way of being creative.   I was almost at the point of not wanting to take out my gear unless I was being paid to do it.  So I replaced my Nikon D700 with the Fuji XE2 and with the announcement of the Fuji XT1 I knew that would be the camera I could replace my D800 with.   It had everything my DSLR had minus the weight.  The XT1 has amazing resolution and all the features that I didn't want to give up... for example its' ability to do Time Lapse photography, the beautiful viewfinder, and if you need for it to look big to impress clients, the extra battery grip does the trick!;)   I was also enthusiastic about being able to use my IPhone as a remote alongside its WIFI capacity.  Since I see in more than one focal length, and I like to always have my options open, I now own the Fuji 18-55; the 10-24mm F4 and the 55-200.  As for the prime lenses I only have the 23 1.4 but FujiFilm has offered to send whatever else I would like to try out ;)   I will most likely want to purchase the 56 F1.2 and the 35 1.4 but the 18mm F2 and the 27 F2.8 are also calling to me.   In the meantime, I couldn't recommend a system more than the FujiFilm X Camera series.  Here are a selection of images that I've taken so far with the XE2 and the XT1.  I hope you like them.