Fuji's XF16mm - Amazing Lens!

Thanks to Fujifilm Canada I was able to borrow their new 16mm F1.4 lens and bring it along with me to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia this summer.  I actually didn't want to give it back, I loved it so much.  And yes I'm considering buying it.  (I might even trade in my 23mm F1.4 for it!)  I think I prefer the 16mm focal length (24mm full frame equivalent.)   I noticed that when I use the 16-55 most of my images are shot at either the 16mm focal length or at 55mm.  I liked how light it was in comparison to the 16-55 and could easily use it as my walk around lens.  For me it trumps the 23mm because of its 15cm minimum focusing distance and the added weather sealing.   Robert Capa once said that "If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough."   Well the 16mm certainly lets you move in close!  Incredibly you can be six inches away from your subject and it will focus!  And with a fast 0.11 second autofocus speed, it is lightning quick too!  This I think is a huge advantage for street photography because no one expects you to take their picture when you are standing six inches in front of them.   It is also great for environmental portraiture as you can be close to your your subject while capturing their environment and giving the viewer the feeling of being there as well.

'For what I like to shoot: beautiful places, spaces, fast moving subjects, inclement weather, and environmental portraits, it is the perfect lens for me. Here are some favourites:

Street Photography



The East Coast