Nine and a Half Apples

One can never truly know the importance of a photograph.  I received a call not too long ago from someone who was wanting to surprise their father at Christmas.  It seems that approximately 30 years he had purchased a framed photograph of nine and a half green apples set against what looked like a cement wall.  Four apples were cradled in a ridged white bowl.  That photograph had been hanging in the family's kitchen for over 30 years.  The children had grown up with it.  The problem was that it was fading and was horribly dated.  Could I recreate the photograph for them?  It would be a print of 12.25" by 33.5".   I thought the GFX50s would be just perfect for this project and the kind people Fujifilm Canada kindly leant me their camera along with the 23mmF4 and the 120mm lens. 

The camera arrived and I got busy looking for a similar white bowl to the one in the photograph, ten apples, a background and cloth.  I ended up purchasing a kitchen counter for the background and a painter's dropcloth for the table.  


The GF120mmF4 with its macro capabilities turned out to be perfect for this job.  The trickiest part was balancing the apples in the bowl.  

Anyway, here is the final image and I must say the print at 33.5" was spectacular!  The apples seemed larger than life and ready to eat. 

nineapples-171202-6 final-20171202-1.jpg

Thank you to Fujifilm Canada for the use of the camera for this project.