North of 60 with Fujifilm's XF35F2

Some time ago I was introduced to Fuji's new XF35F2 lens.  I had the original XF35F1.4 and while I loved the quality of the images especially when shot wide open, I was finding myself not using it as much because I found it a bit slow to focus.  Since I live in Northern Canada where winter lasts nearly eight months and temperatures of -30C and more are common, and since I tend to be attracted to fast moving subjects like dogs, racers and ravens,  I thought it made sense to try the new XF35F2 which was supposed to be much quicker, smaller and weather sealed. So I sold the XF35F1.4 to fund the purchase of the new 35F2.  

I've been shooting with it for almost a year now and I'm noticing myself reaching for this lens more often than not for my day to day travels.  I love how small and light and capable this lens is.  Focusing is lighting quick and I am also realizing how fond I am of this focal length. I routinely subjected the lens to -30C temperatures have to admit I noticed a bit of flickering on the LCD screen at these temperatures when the battery was low.  But I was still able to get my shots. 

This is such an all around focal length in that it is great for portraits, landscapes, architecture, street photography, still life, ravens in mid flight and fast moving dogs!  It is sharp and produces some lovely bokeh.  Here are some of my favourite images.  

Action!  (Including a Raven in mid-flight at an intersection) 


Here are some pictures from our trip to Jamaica to warm up.  It works in warmer climates too ;)

If you would like to see more on my impressions of Fuji's 35mm see my interview on