Dyanne really helped me solve my problems with the cataloging process in Lightroom. I’ve been having trouble understanding these basic steps but Dyanne helped me work through the process. She also showed me some techniques to processing which are proving very helpful. She has thorough knowledge of the Lightroom program and is a great instructor.
— Monica


Are you wanting to become a better photographer?  Are you struggling with Lightroom and post processing?  Trying to discover who you are as a photographer?  Heck where are the files?

I am now offering one-on-one personalized coaching specifically tailored to your interests.   With a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and experience as a life coach, I will gently encourage you to bring out your own true expression by introducing you to new concepts, tools and constructive critique. 


I am available in person (if you are in Ottawa - fantastic) and via Skype.  Contact me for more details.