Aix-En-Provence and Arles

Yesterday we visited Arles, France to visit the Arles International Photography Festival, and then stopped in at the amphitheatre. They were having a bull fight so we decided to attend not really knowing what to expect.  We paid 40 euros each and should have seen 6 bull fights,  but I was feeling queezy after 2 bulls died...and so we left early.  I never realized that sport (if you could call it that) could be so cruel.  I think humanity will have evolved when there is no longer any interest in witnessing such cruelty to animals.  

I must say I would have enjoyed it much more if it were just guys in pink and purple sequined tight pants with a cape just kept marching around to music as they did during the opening of the show. 

We were told that bull fights are not representative of France as a whole but that it is actually illegal in France with the exception of those places where bull fights are traditional.  Arles which is located in the south west region of France - nearer to Spain, is an area unfortunately where this is the tradition.

Et voila.  Today Eddie and I recuperated and had some well needed R&R.  We did however visit the site where Cezanne painted Mont Saint-Victoire painting.