Gordes and Fontaine de Vaucluse

Well it is with a bit of sadness that I write this last post of our trip to France.  Every place we visited was a gold mine for a photographer like myself.  Yesterday we visited yet another medieval village called Gordes but it was somehow a bit more than the others.  It was built around 1600 on top of another village that existed before then.  It was perched on a hilltop and was stunning.  We then went to visit Fontaine de Vaucluse which is named after some earth spring phenomenan where water gushes from the depth of the earth to form a river.  Et voila.  It was so lush and green everywhere there.  I noticed that one does not have to drive far before the scenery and vegetation is completely different.  Within a two hour drive- everything changes.  Less than two hours from Aix-en-Provence Palm trees are the norm - wheras 1 hour north of Aix one will find Pine trees!

Overall, it was a fabulous photo trip! I will admit to being a bit spoiled now.