St-Tropez, Grimaud & Lavandou

Yesterday we went in search of a fabulous mediterranean beach... which led us to the renowned St. Tropez.  There we found ourselves stuck in traffic for quite some time and so decided to visit Grimaud which is an ancient hilltop village with a stunning view.  It was vrey floral as well.  There was a scent of Eucalyptus as well.  We enjoyed lunch there and met some Americans who had settled in Paris for their retirement.  We then made our way to St. Tropez and found very large yachts from over the world.  They were so large and so many that they blocked the view of the port.

It was lovely, but we were still looking for a nice mediterrnean beach and so proceeded towards Le Lavandou.  On the way, we found ourselves on some very mountainous terrain where we stopped to photograph the forest.  It was stunning.

The beach at Le Lavandou was well worth the trip.  We stopped for a small dinner at a little cafe with tables almost on the beach.  The sea air revived us.