Times Square, Bryant Park and the Rockefeller Center

I couldn't believe how different the experience was for me just two blocks apart! In Times Square there were sirens going all the time, lights flashing, - people whizzing by in a frenzy not to mention the non-stop sales pitch that was going on! It was a bit overwhelming for my somewhat sensitive nature... I thought OK good I've seen it and noted how much my grand-daughter would have loved the Toys R us store with its very own ferris wheel inside! The Battle of the Hair spectacle was going on where hairdressers were competing for a certain prize purse. I can't remember what it was; I just remember some of the models with the odd looking hairstyles that I can't imagine anyone would wear.

After a short while and a few pictures we moved on to Bryant Park which is between 40 and 42nd street at 5th Avenue. What an oasis that was after Times Square. There we saw a promenade of trees providing much needed shade from the sweltering heat. We passed by the Reading room where an author was presenting her book, a chess match, ping pong matches, a carrousel, a free piano concert and finally a stop for lunch at the Bryant Park Grill... Maybe I'm getting more mature but this was more my speed.

Our last stop of the day was a visit to the Rockefeller Center where we took a ride to the top (68th floor) for a spectacular view of New York City.

Here are some photo highlights from yesterday.
Times Square

Lunch at Bryant Park

The Rockefeller Center - Savorsky Chrystal hanging in the lobby

View of Central Park