Scenes from Canada #Eh

Yesterday we celebrated Canada's 147th birthday.  We are a young country and aren't usually in your face about our patriotism however on July 1st of every year we do pull out all the stops to show our pride.  We are a "True North Strong and Free" country.    We are diverse but we are free to be who we are.

Here are some highlights.  The Snowbirds did a flypast, we heard from some great Canadian talent including Quebec's queen of soul: Nadja, impersonator Veronic Dicaire, a punk rock dude from BC:  Marianas Trench;  Folk singer Serena Ryder from Ontario and Newfoundland pianist Terry Kelly accompanied by Manitoba fiddler Sierra Noble.   I also managed to capture a marriage proposal, a Hare Krishna dance routine, an African bongo drum performance in front of the National Arts Centre and some costumed Falun Dafa ladies enjoying some Poutine. 

All photographs and video were taken with the #FujiXT1.  I did struggle with which lenses to bring given that Fuji had sent to me the 35mm F1.4 and the 27mmF2.8.  I knew that I would want to capture some of the stage shows and would only be able to do that if I had the 55-200 lens so I brought that one with the 18-55 figuring that would be the easiest way to have every focal length that I would need.   What I realize now is that many of the photographs I took would not have been possible without the tilt screen of the XT1.  It came in very handy when lifting that light camera over my head and tilting the screen just so that I could see and photograph what was going on. 

African Drum Dance at Canada Day 2014
Veronic Dicaire performs at Parliament Hill on Canada Day 2014