Travelling to Jasper

Since March we've been travelling quite a bit and I certainly have been neglecting my blog in a sense preferring the immediate ease and feedback of posting images to my Instagram account (@dyannewilson). I also kind of subscribe to the notion that the whole point of taking photographs is not to have to explain everything. 

The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.
— Elliott Erwitt

Most recently we have returned from a week long trek to Edmonton and Jasper.  The purpose of our trip to Edmonton was to have some car maintenance done which can't be done where we live in Yellowknife.  Also my Epson 3800 printer needed some repair.  It is a two day drive to Edmonton, which is the nearest major city where these kinds of services can be had.  Since it is hardly worth driving two days just to get car and printer repairs done, and we had a bit of time before Eddie had to get back to work, and with Jasper being just another four hours drive away, we decided to go to Jasper for a mini three day holiday.  I love being in Jasper.  I love the mountains and the cool crisp air.  I love how majestic they are and I contemplate how long they have been there.  I imagined that my mother and father had visited the same place nearly 60 years ago and that now they were gone.  It reminded me of how short our time is on this planet and to reflect on what is important.  I think I could easily just spend a week there by myself with my camera and a notebook.  

I finished reading David Duchemin's latest book: The Soul of the Camera where he argues that while the tools matter of course, it is only by reflecting our authentic selves and by having something to say can we make work that moves people.  And before you can move others you must make photos that are important to you.  He reminds us that life is not about photography but that photography is about life.  

So then here are the photographs from our recent trip to Jasper and what I deem important.  I hope you enjoy them. 

We planned to have a picnic along the way but when we discovered in North Arm how seriously bad the bugs were we changed our mind and decided to have lunch in the car with the windows rolled up.  There were black flies just swarming the car.  

It was difficult after to get a clean photograph of the highway due to the bugs having an unfortunate collision with our windshield. 

As with all good vacations, they come to an end and you have to return home and I wasn't looking forward to it as we decided we had to leave no later than 5am on Saturday morning to get home on Sunday before Eddie having to go back to work on the Monday.  We were looking at a 20 hour drive plus errands to do in Edmonton!  

Sigh.  I had no idea my husband was planning to drive all the way in one fell swoop!  As I mentioned we left before sunrise in Jasper on Saturday morning, drove to Edmonton, ran around town for three hours with a car rental and were back on the road towards High Level, Alberta and Yellowknife at noon.  We would see the sunrise leaving Jasper National Park, witness an 11pm sunset in Fort Providence, NT and be home in Yellowknife as the sun was rising the next morning at 3:30am.  It was all rather uneventful until we came across of herd of bison along highway three at 1:30am where we sat in our car wondering what to do while watching 50 or so bison go back and forth, and some were event mating on the highway. We hoped a transport trailer would come by in the other direction.  In any event an opening cleared 25 minutes later and we were able to get past them without incident. 

All images were shot with Fujfilm XT2 and the following lenses:  XF16-55F2.8; XF50-140F2.8; XF35F2, XF23F2, XF10-24 and XF56F1.2apd.  Images are processed in Lightroom using Camera Pro Neg High film simulation.  Thank you to Fujifilm Canada for their continued support.