Remembrance Day 2014 in Ottawa

Approximately 50,000 people turned up for the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.  It was a beautiful day with warmer than normal temperatures - very much like the day Corporal Nathan Cirillo was murdered on the same site three weeks prior.    Her Royal Highness Princess Anne along with her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence were also in attendance.   

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Ten Minutes to Photograph a Princess

I was hired by the British High Commissioner recently to photograph Her Royal Highness Princess Anne who would be visiting Ottawa and unveiling a bronze commemorative plaque from the people of the United Kingdom in honour of 70 Canadian World War I veterans who were awarded the Victoria Cross.  

Ok, I'll admit to being a bit nervous.  I was surrounded by the Canadian Press professionals, other photographers and camera operators, who were all sporting their big equipment and I show up at the front of the line with my little Fuji cameras: XT1 and the XE2.  What I like about the Fuji XT1 is its ability to be small and light but when you need it to look hefty and professional you can add the battery grip and you almost look like you fit in ;)  It is unfortunate but many people equate professional photography with big bulky cameras like what this guy was wearing.  

I did raise eyebrows when I pulled out the XE2.  The Canadian Press guy beside me was wanting to know it was.. rangefinder, digital, SLR ???  What was it!  I explained it was a Fuji mirrorless camera.  Anyway, he was quite impressed with the speed of it.  So here are some of my favourite photos from that event.  


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Veterans Appreciation Day

Today my father and other war veterans were honoured at the 19th Annual Veterans Appreciation Day.  Mr. Royal Galipeau, MP for Ottawa-Orleans presented Veterans of the Second World War with a limited-edition pin and certificate in recognition of their service to our country.  I am always proud of my father but today was special.  We must always remember them.  

"If you would like to use one of these pictures, contact Newzulu Canada for purchase information."