NAC Gala Rehearsal

On October 2nd I was invited to photograph a pre-concert rehearsal with Maestro Violinists Pinchas Zukerman and Itzhak Perlman.  Violinist Ann-Estelle Medouze from the French National Orchestra and Daniel Khalikov were also practicing.   Since I was the only photographer there at the time, one could say that I had the best seat in the house.    All photos were taken with #Fuji #XT1 55-200 lens.

The Apostolic Nunciature in Canada

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit and photograph the residence of the Apostolic Nuncio to Canada.  His residence is in Rockcliffe Park which is home to many of the Ambassadors to Canada.  The decor of his residence is not something that you would typically see in Canada however my impression was that it is quite representative of the Holy See in Rome.  In 1969, the Holy See purchased the residence as its Apostolic Delegation, when then became the Apostolic Nunciature.  Here are some of my favourites.  

World Wide Photo Walk

Yesterday, I quite enjoyed participating in Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk in Aylmer, Quebec.  We were led by Alan Bulley who provided us with a historical overview of the town of Aylmer.   There were about 15 of us in total wondering around the streets and parks of Aylmer.  The fall colours were in full bloom and even more striking against the colourful homes.  Following our walk we stopped into a local restaurant pub for a bite and pint of beer.  Ok, I had some wine.  Here are some of my favourites.  

Pretty Picton, Sandbanks and Fuji's 27mm

Every year Eddie and I like to take a little mini trip out to Sandbanks Provincial Park.  It really is the most beautiful beach within a couple of hours from here.  Usually I want to bring a camera to take photographs but in the past few years I've been leaving the heavy Nikon D800 at home in favour of the iPhone.

Things are different since I've converted all my camera equipment to the Fuji system.   I am now able to bring along a quality camera in my beach bag.   Even though I have several lenses I decided to bring along only one lens with my Fuji XT1.   I decided for the sake of convenience to try and stick to one focal length and brought along the 27mm (equivalent to 41mm in 35mm format) had given me to try out.  I could have also brought the 35mm 1.4 but the 27mm was 100g lighter so that was the deciding factor.   I must say after a full day, I absolutely love this lens!  It weighs only 78 grams making it nice and light to carry around all day when you want to be doing other things as well... like swimming!  :)  The combination of Fuji's XT1 with the 27mm is almost as compact and light as Fuji's much loved X100S which I've been thinking I might like to add to my kit however this teeny 27mm pancake lens pretty much nixes my need for the X100s.   Here are some favourites from the day.